An Odd Project: “Viaduct View”


I live in a really small city. I’m not sure whether I like it here or not. There are many times of this kind of self-doubt. Pivotal moments of development of myself. I’d like to write about this and turn it into a multimedia journey of a character. I’m going to create a collage. Little thoughts I like too much to discard. I’m going to try and create a fictional world within a website (A Tumblr. WordPress is the bee’s knees, but Tumblr works best for this project) that feels living and breathing. This website is called Viaduct View.

Here’s the first:

My sister got out of the car in such a decisive way. She began by pushing up with her knees as if she were about to springboard. Face first into the clean air she lets out a rough note of exhaustion, pain, suffering. Elbows angled in a harsh fashion, cutting through the air with no consideration. Once standing, she’ll turn back and look at the evil she just conquered. Audi’s chairs weren’t a match for her. With one final hunter-look, she’d turn in an inelegant yet fluid way. Slam the door. The task was complete.

Meanwhile I would remain sitting. Having witnessing this display of individualism, I’d question myself and my choices. My sister is older than me. Inside, I know that only with time is a character and personality consolidated. This didn’t stop me from trying. With trepidation, I lifted my feet first. I slowly elevated to full flight, before slowing closing the door. I then raised my arm to hook onto my hip, tilting my elbow joint into the direction of travel. It was a statement of intent. A statement of my adored Euro-elegance way of living. A statement of how this was naturally the way I was supposed to be.

It’s rough. It’s not really self-standing. I just wanted to put it out there.


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