Today has been a thinking day.

I haven’t really achieved much today. My online-magazine-in-progress has been at the forefront of my mind. I’m chewing over the whole concept. I’ve been sketching out this super-dynamic, “edgy” (gah) and “urban” (double gah) concept. There’s a problem here: I’m not really a reflection of this image, and therefore not really the best person to take it into fruition. I’m swinging much more towards a more “mature” angle. Visually: more minimalism and greys rather than lucid greens and neon pinks. The concept of the magazine has been this incredibly convoluted description thus far:

“Digital culture – an exploration into the internet-born fringes and the arising. We will cover new technologies that will be as revolutionary as the internet”

After some chewing it over, I quite like this:

“An arts magazine for people who care about science too.”

I started listening to Mountain Man today on Spotify. They’re brilliant. I began my morning getting ready by streaming some of their music and have just finished my afternoon ordering their album on Amazon. Here’s a revelation I had today: I originally wanted to pitch the magazine’s music section towards the electronic scene. I’ve spent the whole day listening to Cat Power and Bon Iver. No electro today – in fact, I haven’t really listened to any this month.

That’s been today.


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